Who are we?

POLIPAK Ltd. has been providing production and delivery of polyethylene film basedpackaging since 1986.


The History of POLIPAK Ltd. 

Manufacturing and trade enterprise POLIPAK was established in 1986 as a privately owned company, funded solely with Polish capital.
The times of the communist era were tough for entrepreneurs and small business owners so the company was developing its infrastructure in accordance with the existing conditions. At the beginning, the only equipment that the company owned and operated were simple sealers, although only after about a year did they prove not to be enough for the rising demand from the customers. With the purchase of additional machines the company could significantly increase the production output, improve the quality and, most importantly, offer the products to much bigger customers.

At the same time we were gaining experience in polyethylene film manufacturing.

Beginning of the 1990s constituted a dynamic growth of the enterprise. In addition to packaging materials for the food industry we introduced a new product line – polyethylene film-based household packaging solutions. Product improvement and a growing offer were simple consequences of our vision: to become the leader in the field of garbage bags, food bags and freezer bags production in the Polish market.

And that was the challenge which we took, establishing a major investment program which allowed the company to be equipped with ultra modern film extruders, sealers and garbage bags in rolls (we were first Polish company to offer with the star-type seal). Our goals were met and evolved into a continuous process of improvement and adaptation of our facilities to constantly changing market conditions.

Our activity has mostly involved manufacturing of the HD-PE, LD-PE, PA-PE and PP film-based packaging. The market required us to invest our profits in the infrastructure, so we could offer our clients products of the highest quality.

We can offer our packaging solutions to every segment of the market. However, since the very beginning we have been taking special care of the products, which in our opinion could be used for food packaging. That was the reason for us applying for all possible approvals and certifications required in the manufacturing of such. That was the reason for us being continuously monitored by state health organizations in regards to sanitary conditions at our facilities. Last but not least, that was the reason for our decision to manufacture such packaging using specially isolated production lines. Such high standards can guarantee that our packaging materials conform to even the strictest of the norms in areas of quality and hygiene.

Second major group of products offered by our company are household packaging solutions, including: garbage bags, lunch/food bags, freezer bags and ice-cube bags. Offered in a few varieties, each with its own quality characteristics, they stand out from other similar products available on the market today.

Our aspirations are to precede expectations of the market and offer innovative solutions wherever possible.

We strongly believe that our exemplary service, environmental awareness and the quality of products which precedes your expectations will convince you to become our long term partner in business.